Inspiration: You Always Have A Choice

Inspiration: You Always Have A Choice


When they are at a crossroads, people usually claim that they have no other option. They claim that they have no choice but to go in the only direction that is presented to them, which is often the incorrect one.


Inspiration: You Always Have A Choice


Inspiration: You Always Have A Choice


When they make that remark, they need to realize that they are the ones who are responsible for the outcomes of the decisions they will make and the actions they will take.


However, contrary to the widely held belief that man has no other option, he actually does possess free will.


Inspiration: You Always Have A Choice


We do have choices.

You will always have a choice to make so long as you have rights that need to be protected. When people’s rights are violated, their options become severely limited. When you choose to ignore your rights, you also have the option of doing this.


Just look at slaves.

The majority of them obey not because they choose to, but rather because they have no rights and, as a result, they have no other option but to obey. However, when viewed from a different angle, the fact that they are slaves is really the result of their own free will. Even the absence of options is itself a form of choice.


Some of them have chosen to be slaves.

They do this voluntarily because they have the misguided notion that the person to whom they are rendering service merits the right to treat them as if they are subservient to that person.


Some people choose to accept their condition as slaves and make the most of what they have.

Some of them refuse to serve as slaves and instead opt to fight for their rights. There are options for each of these.


You make the decisions that lead to the kind of life you lead. You cannot place the blame for the way your life turns out on anyone else.


For instance, you have the option of living a happy or a miserable life. It is entirely dependent upon you. You have to accept responsibility for the hectic lifestyle you’ve chosen to lead.


Even if your superior puts a gun to your head and orders you to live a certain way, no one can compel you to live that way. Every decision has an accompanying set of repercussions.


Therefore, if you make the decision to live a healthy lifestyle, you need to act accordingly. Maintain your good health. After making this decision, you will need to settle on whether or not you are willing to be disciplined.


To achieve and keep a healthy body requires a lot of work and effort, which is what we mean by the term “disciplined.” Eat right, get plenty of exercise, get plenty of sleep, and you’ll be living the healthy life.


If you become ill, you shouldn’t place blame on anyone else. You can choose to get sick or not. Some individuals make the conscious decision not to put money into their health in order to avoid financial hardship.


They are able to spend money on other things, but not on improving their health. You will need to simplify your life in order to be able to put your health as a top priority in your financial plan.


Because every decision has an associated repercussion, you must accept responsibility for the outcomes of your decisions.

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