Inspiration: The Preamble Of Life

The Preamble Of Life

The Preamble Of Life 

The Preamble Of Life,  a fact to know concerning life. The full meaning of life can only be explained according to the challenges we face in it, how we face them and how we tackle them.

Different people according to their different ideas and mindset have different notions about it.

To some it’s a bed of roses, To some it’s a bed of thorns, To some it’s a stage of experience while To some it’s neither a bed of roses or thorns but to me, the meaning of life is actually what you make out of life.

Seeing life from the philosophical stand point, many philosophers have their different versions about it, and with that I can say that the great ones are not the ones that walk on smooth steps, but rather they are the ones that have fallen severally, their ability to rise up and continue the pursuit of their dreams, is what makes them Great.

Life has so many hidden treasures and it’s only few that do realize these. The few that have realized it are not magicians but they are the ones that have experience many obstacles and challenges of life, endured pain and storm as well as met with the three people in the world (the good, the bad and the ugly).

The good are not the perfect ones, the bad are not the worse neither are the ugly the worst.
Everyone has these three people in them because this is what makes up a character, attitude and behavior.

The good are those who try to nurture the good in them, the bad are those who just hide their good attributes and tend to be bad because of circumstances while the ugly are those whom the bitterness of life have had a very bad hit on them and their hope despaired.

Often times the distant view isn’t important because we become ignorant. We should Make a closer view and see the pain hidden behind those smiles. Make a closer view and see the tears behind the happiness. Make a closer view and build a shattered soul in a glowing skin.

In our daily lives we just lean on shoulders and our ability to be a shoulder for someone else to lean on in our little ways, raises the ugly ones in the society because we live in a world where “I’m fine” is used to cover depression.

The equality of life isn’t illustrated on the fingers, for life has given everyone the ability to be unique in their own way. Most atimes it’s uncontentment that leads most persons in being jealous or envying another, we are all equally and beautifully made, we only need to tap into the contents we are made of, harness it and grow it to full potentials and we would have been satisfied and lived and fulfilled life.

Yes, we understand the world is a harsh place which can swallow you whole and tear you into million pieces, but such is life too as it can rip you apart and take you down.

Life will bring you to your knees and you wouldn’t have a choice but you can also have a choice to either stay down or get up. Either of the choice you make is your decision but it doesn’t make life unfair it Just explains that it’s a phase.

So while trying to figure out what to do next when you have no idea of what is going on, just stuck away those harrowing moments in your quiet times.

  • Whatever life throws at you, with whatever it hits you with, face it, endure it, conquer it because it gives the chance of not only becoming great, but being a shoulder to anyone despaired and a contact of hope to anyone giving up.
The Preamble Of Life
                         The Preamble Of Life



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