Insecurity: 3 Girls Kidnapped in Niger State

Insecurity, 3 Girls Kidnapped

Insecurity really scaling higher in the North, as 3 girls have been kidnapped in Niger State.

7 Farmers Killed, Bandits

Bandits are at it again in Niger State, the level of insecurity is really high in Niger State, 3 girls kidnapped from their home community in the state.

The 3 (Three) girls who are from the same community in Niger State were reported to have been kidnapped during the raiding of their village by this bandits.

The kidnap incident occurred in Barkuta Community in Bosso Local Government Area of Niger State, North-central Africa.

When the bandits invaded the community they started shooting indiscriminately, and it was this gunshots that scared the villages away. Most of them had to run for their lives. Though there has not been any report of any live been lost.

Not so long ago another insecurity threat was reported in the same State, Baban Rami in Mashegu Local Government  of Niger state. Bandits laid ambush on farmers who were going to harvest their produce and killed about 7 of the innocent farmers.

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