Inspiration: 3 Steps To Overcome Fear And Worry

3 Steps To Overcome Fear And Worry

Inspiration: 3 Steps To Overcome Fear And Worry

In these article we will highlight 3 Steps To Overcome Fear And Worry, these is a very much necessary read, please do read to the end and leave your comments.

If you ask some persons why they have not accomplished their goals or reached the degree of success they seek, majority of them will respond with some sort of built-in excuse (negative belief) that is holding them back from achieving their goals because of “Fear and Worry”

3 Steps To Overcome Fear And Worry
3 Steps To Overcome Fear And Worry

In most cases, a worry or fear can be found lurking beneath an excuse or a negative belief. How many times have you tried to do something new, only to back out before you ever got started because you were terrified of what other people might think of you?


You don’t think you have enough time, money, or both to do it, do you? Or because you believe that you lack the experience or the information necessary to be successful?


The acronym F.E.A.R. stands for “False Evidence Appearing Real,” and it refers to the fact that we have willingly decided to believe in something that is not actually accurate.


However, due to the fact that it is our belief, it is also our reality. Worry is nothing more than an extended feeling of fear that is brought on by a lack of decision-making. In order to determine the origin of these concerns or fears, it is sometimes necessary for us to pose some challenging questions.


The process of overcoming Fear can be reduced to a straightforward formula once the phobia in question has been recognized.


Inspiration: 3 Steps To Overcome Fear And Worry


The first thing you should do is pinpoint exactly what it is that you are anxious or terrified about.

Take notes on it. Put it down in writing. When you put your concerns and worries down on paper and give treat them accordingly, you will immediately overcome 50% percent of the stress and anxiety you have been experiencing.


What  seemed big in your head, would appear trivial and unimportant when written down.


Proceed to step two in order to deal with the second half of the problem.

Ask yourself, “If this fear or anxiety turns out to be true, what is the very worst thing that could possibly happen?” Create a list, yes, write it down on paper beneath your clearly stated worry, and then look at the list.


Continue to jot down anything that comes to mind until you’ve figured out the worst case scenario that may happen. Do you understand that nine out of ten of our worries are never realized?


Consider the amount of time that you devote to thinking about things that will never come to pass. This list will assist you in seeing that more clearly.


After you are done compiling your list, make the decision to tell yourself that you will be okay with the absolute worst thing that might happen to you.


Realize that you will survive all of those things since 90 percent of them will never happen to you, and the remaining 10 percent won’t kill you anyway.


Accept the worst possible scenario that could happen by repeatedly assuring yourself that you are able to deal with it. Things will start to look up as a result of this.


In conclusion, start immediately taking precautions to ensure that the worst never occurs.

Create a plan detailing exactly what it is that you need to do in order to change the current situation.


The more you concentrate on making positive changes and carrying out the steps outlined in your action plan, the more you will start to think on the positive results rather than your worries.


You are going to start feeling better because you are finally in a position where you can DO SOMETHING! The only thing that can eliminate Fear and Worry is productive action.


Give this method a shot right now and find out if it will work for you. It has been successful for me.

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