Diary of an Achieved and Depressed Woman

achieved and depressed woman

Diary of an Achieved and Depressed Woman

These is a from a diary of an achieved and depressed woman;

After a lengthy call from nature “sleep”, she extends her legs to the right and left axis of her bed, stretches the relaxed nerves to wake them reminding them that it’s dawn, she sets off the dressing bed with her beautiful flowering bedsheets, sets off to the window, parting the cotton to the right and left, she stands in the middle admiring the beautiful sunrise.

achieved and depressed woman
              achieved and depressed woman

For about thirty minute she stood there admiring the sun rise, looking at the birds flying from one end to another, all awake from their nests, the flowers looking so bright and ready for the beautification of the day, She goes to get herself prepared for the day too.

Locked into the bathroom, she stood admiring herself and her physique, she glanced down to her belly, there she stares and stares for a while.

With an imaginable thought, she begins to cry, shading the tears of a lonely life and single nature at 40, shading the tears of an unhappy life, shading the tears of not being responsible for a family, not fulfilling the motherly duties as she wished, planned and desired, shading the tears of coming home everyday and resting on the arms of her chair instead of her husband.

In the middle of the tears she screams, attracting the attention of her neighbors who broke her door just to come to her rescue but only to meet her wailing in tears.
Without hesitation she picked up her white towel, wrapped her with it, took her out of the bathroom and laid her on her well dressed bed.

What is it? Why are you crying? Won’t you go for work today? All these she asked but no response came till after an interval of five minutes there she spoke.

” I’m a graduate with a distinction, a full grown working class lady and a fashionista, an independent woman, a type of woman so many girls are wishing and dreaming to be, a type of woman so many men are eager to have”.

While having the litany of her qualities going on, she got up from where she laid and sat on the bed, looking into her neighbors eyes she said ” I’m an Achieved woman but I’m depressed because I’m lonely. I need to raise my own family, my money can’t comfort me, neither can my distinction, my connections in life can’t  either. I’m bored, I’m lonely, I’m depressed inside”.

With so much understanding and pity, all she needed was hope and assurance. She needed to be reassured that it’s not the end, she needed to be reminded that time ticks differently for people.

With no much hesitation, she pulled her to herself, whispering words of hope, strength and assurance to her, she said “I know how broken you are, I understand how shattered you feel, I won’t play ignorant that I don’t, truly I do, but my dear humans and God’s timing is different, it’s never too late for him to start the process, the end of our thought is the meaning of his, he knows what’s best for us, never regret a day and a moment in your life because the good brings Joy and bad brings happiness.

Happiness is something everyone deserves and love is a gift we all deserve for it is the greatest of all and has no bounds. You might not have all you have wished for now but you have what so many are wishing for too, so pull yourself together, cry less, think less, spend the time more fruitful and live a life more valuable because self love has no time limit, you are amazing so stick with that.”

And before the words came to end, she raised her swollen face up, headed to the drawer where she keeps her sticky notes, tore out a leaf, pasting it on the wall of her room, she wrote “SUCH IS LIFE”.

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