The Imperfect Love 2 

The Imperfect Love

         The Imperfect Love 2 

These is the continuation for the previous story The Imperfect Love …….

Everything in this Life has a turning point of tears and smiles. The times we cry and smile isn’t pronounced or made by us.

Counting down on all these will do just two things; either the heart weakens or the mind wishes of which will either cause the eyes to cry or the lips to smile. It started with happiness, anxiety and affection but it ended with anger and regrets.

Taking the words of the past, she remembers commending him on how loving a person he was, how he could love if he wants to and how he can never cheat unless he never loved the person but here she is asking herself  “was I not loved”?

She knew how pain feels again for the second time but in a different way. It weakened, disorganized and shattered her. She was ashamed of herself because this is the one person she was always proud of, one person she saw so differently and could speak of him anytime with confidence and pride.

Even when everything crumbled down, she still had the thought that it could work out again with a second chance. She took up the responsibility of watering Dead flowers to bloom again but not with words said to her face, attitude given at it’s peak, choices made even when there wasn’t a room for that.

All effort was abortive because along the loving line, pressure set in, happiness wasn’t there anymore, bitterness came in, attention was divided, insecurity set in, trust was broken and the perfect love became imperfect.

The insecurities and doubts that she faced everyday, she wonders if she is enough, if she could be loved or appreciated.
She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, she couldn’t do this anymore, she deserved better than spend the nights crying her heart out over a man that doesn’t really care about her.

I thought he was my piece of heaven yet he burns me like a piece of hell. I have fallen apart but this time so differently. I need to pull myself together, pick up the pieces and rebuild myself as always, she said.

So instead of wallowing, staying down and giving up, she did the only thing she knew to do, she turned her setback into a comeback, rising from the  ashes of a rock bottom with an iron will, a warriors Spirit and the strength of a thousand Sun.

The part of her that she has lost along the way as love tried to pummel the hope out of her.
Never did she know how or when she will heal and possibly move on, but that she was still much in love was a certainty.

In love with someone who had broken her not too Long, a thousand thought crossed her mind, starring up with the reminiscent of their whirlwind romance, she paused for a minute and exhaled loudly.

Deciding to leave the past behind where it belongs, she picked up a piece of paper with a pen and wrote.

“For a time it was us, it was love, it was peace but as the season changes, we are meant to find our way down diverging paths. Nobody sees the rainbow without a little rain of which I understand and I will soon learn to dance under the rain.

I can never be perfect and flawless but I will be myself and I’m just going to keep swimming, adapting and growing until I learn to surf the waves of love.

The Imperfect Love
                          The Imperfect Love

Only now I’m closing the chapter of Us, turning a new page and starting a new chapter called MINE. Its a different chapter for me, it’s mine, wholly mine to live happily, breathe fully, smile again and love again for indeed it was an Imperfect Love”.


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