The Imperfect Love

Imperfect love

The Imperfect Love, the merge of imperfection and love.

The untold story of an Imperfect love.

The beauty of creation isn’t just a perfect show, he made it so to prove to us our imperfections from birth.
Either the legs or the hands gets twisted at birth, it’s all a supernatural purpose.
With our sinful nature, we still survive the storm.

Our imperfections and shortcomings are never set as hindrance, we still receive his daily blessings, graces and glory.
At the breaking of each dawn we set on for a daily struggle. Some achieved, some achieved and completed while some nothing. Just at that depressed moment, questions set in, the “why” begin to take charge, the expression of disappointments begins to flow, it’s still our imperfection.

In all this, we still survive the terror of the night and witness the dawn breaking.
Imperfections aren’t meant to bring us down rather to make us aim, determined and dedicated.

Imperfect love
Imperfect love

Admiring the works of the creation, she sets the mirror on the perfect phase looking steadily into it, she sees her replica.
Admiring the oval nature of her face, the sexy and curvy looks of her waist and hips, the smooth nature of her skin, the roundness of her breast with a suckable nipple, the pointedness of her nose, Wow!!! She says with a rousing smile, letting out the set of dentitions set inside her jaws, she sets off for the day.

Even though, not so perfect but admired by many, appreciated by all and loved by few. Among the litany of all, many and few, she chooses one and calls him “My Prince Charming”, the caption of feelings and sentiments plays on.

Oh! Prince Charming, how cute and handsome, the eyes speaks the love before the mouth professes it, with much tender care and affection, a day spent is like never to end, the smile tells the radiated words from the heart.

Oh! How sweet is love, how unique is true love, how special is it to be loved.

In your romantic arms, she lays like a queen in her kingdom, never wanting to leave the palace, the throne and the crown.
And just when her smiles was never fading out, her thoughts never mixed with questions, her satisfaction sets in even with the dreams of “forever union and recreation”, She left it all to hold you tight but you never held it all because of the men like nature.

Off she slips like and uncontrolled egg in the hands, there she breaks, the inner beauty is seen, she is hurt, she is pierced, she is gone but there you loose more.

Days moves to weeks, weeks to months, months to years, Assuring that she has moved on but no she hasn’t, she keeps reaching out, trying to fix things yet all going bitter and sour. Not minding all of these, she drops a message

“You might make me cry but nobody can make me smile like you do, you might make me mad but nobody can make me laugh like you do, you might stress me out but no body make me happier than you do, although it may feel like the Right thing to do is to leave you, I just feel so wrong without you because nothing makes sense, nothing feels the way it’s supposed to, nothing feels right but with you it’s something I can’t explain.

It might feel like hell when we argue but when we are getting along it feels perfect. Just because I am not with you now, just because we are having and going through some sort of problems doesn’t make me available for any other guy. it doesn’t mean anyone else has gotten a chance. No matter what the special place of my heart and life will always belong to you.”

Even when sometimes it’s better to move on than trying to fix what’s meant to stay broken it still takes love to heal the wounds of love she murmured.

To be continued…..


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