Short Story: LUST AFTER

Short Story, Lust After

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Lust After

I haven’t visited places in a while.
I always go to my favourite spot to have a bottle of wine, smoke and keeping myself company with my phone.

Today was quite different, I wanted to visit a different environment.
I needed a vacation!

So I arrived Lagos island early Friday morning, had a warm shower and put on my sexy dress. I didn’t want to go out looking natural so I applied a light make-up on my semi rough face.

I was having my lunch at the restaurant when a curvy lady waved at me, I think I know her… Yes I knew her from secondary school. She was my school darling from topfaith high school. Betty was one beautiful and brilliant girl back then in school, time and years had turned her into a millionaire. It was a reunion of some sort for us, we exchange contact and she did tell me all I had missed about her for the past years, she informed me about her traveling back to Abuja the next day.

The few minutes we spent together at the restaurant was quite awesome. I retired to my hotel room to relax, I heard my notification bell ring and I pick up my phone, it’s Betty! She had added me up in all her social media account and even changed her relationship status to my name, “she must be crazy” I said to myself and smiled.

Couple of days had passed by, I still couldn’t get over it, I found myself lusting after Bettys’ nude pictures, damn! She had sent them to me with the caption “I want to feel you again and again”. I’ve touched myself masturbating and orgasmed to Betty’s sex tape excessively every night. I recall our boarding school days, the first day I met Betty, I remember when she gave me our first kiss, I remember when we both miss our prep class to make out at the school field at night, I remember Betty playing with my newly grown breasts while I moan with pleasure, we both got addicted to each other and became best of friends, I remember when we both had deep conversations about the future, I remember when Betty said that it is only death that will seperate us.

It was our second year in University when I decided to have a taste of a man, I don’t really know what the feeling was, all I could remember was Dan, he was every woman’s dream, cute and bold but that wasn’t why I needed him, I just wanted to feel his in-between in me, I was both inquisitive and fed up with my sex with Betty and every other secret girlfriends i had. I needed something more than hand dipping, I was just tired of the regular same sex I was used to.

Did I get the sex from Dan?

The day I visited him, Betty’s thought was tormenting me, I couldn’t even kiss the innocent guy I was obsessed with, my body was only reacting to Betty, “I can’t do it” I said. I couldn’t just walk away cause Dan was horny, I had to help him to cum by playing with his penis, I touched it and jerk it, it was my very first time touching a penis… That was all I could remember, I was now a bisexual and my fiancee wasn’t aware of my past.

Betty had invited me over to Abuja, her apartment was luxury, she has made so much fortune for herself and I was surprised that she’s still single, she actually begged me to sleep on the same bed with her which I did, Betty started romancing me and slowly she took off my panties, I felt her tongue flick on my clitoris and I was in shock, my eyes were closed while we engaged in foreplay. We took turns and I loved the sweet smell of Betty, at first I didn’t want to suck, I stared and found the courage to slide my tongue into the soft fat fold of her vulva. We tried everything and my favorite was scissoring and being sucked from the back.

What happened to us now?
Are we now enemies?

I told Betty about my marriage plans which is month end and all she could say was “if you’re to be married, it should be me” seriously? Here in Nigeria, Betty are u even thinking? I’ll never marry same sex.

Had to leave Abuja immediately, I started avoiding Betty, I refused taking her calls nor responded to her DMs, her threats were too much for me, she kept threatening to leak my nude pictures and sex tape, she became a torn on my flesh.

It was on my wedding day, Betty steped into the church in a red dress, her catwalk was that of the devil as she walked towards me, why do you look so shocked to see me? You really want to marry him? forgetting that men are bad luck’s, do u actually think you could trash me as a piece of scum? I was so scared to say a word, I went down on my knees to beg Betty, everyone was confused, the groom and his men came out, the whole congregation were confused, hell was let loose.

What happened?

I got up when my husband to be asked about Betty, I introduced Betty to my man, I could see the anger in her eyes, she smiled and handed over a thick brown envelope to my man, the priest and few persons including me, perked me and walked off. I kept wondering what was inside the envelope, well…

Here’s the content inside the envelope, read it yourself.


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