The love that goes beyond

There once lived a race of aliens known as Zorgans in a galaxy far, far away. They were a civilized, highly developed species that had spent a long time watching Earth. Zara, a young Zorgan, fell in love with John, a human, one day. Zara was mesmerized by Earth’s beauty and diversity, and she loved…

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Imperfect love

The Imperfect Love

The Imperfect Love, the merge of imperfection and love. The untold story of an Imperfect love. The beauty of creation isn’t just a perfect show, he made it so to prove to us our imperfections from birth. Either the legs or the hands gets twisted at birth, it’s all a supernatural purpose. With our sinful…

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Short Story, Lust After

Short Story: LUST AFTER

Short Story Genesis I haven’t visited places in a while. I always go to my favourite spot to have a bottle of wine, smoke and keeping myself company with my phone. Today was quite different, I wanted to visit a different environment. I needed a vacation! So I arrived Lagos island early Friday morning, had…

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BREAKING: KEKE DRIVER KILLED BY POLICE OFFICER IN PORT HARCOURT    During the early hours of Thursday, 10th Dec. 2020, what appeared to be a little dispute between a Keke driver and a Police Officer resulted in the death of the Keke driver. Eyewitnesses report that it started as a little dispute because of #100….

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