Inspiration: You Are The President Of Your “Imagination”


Inspiration: You Are The President Of Your “Imagination”


Congratulations! You are the president of your own “Imagination.” This in particular is the engine that powers your existence, and it will continue to be a significant element in determining your destiny.


Because you are the President of this nation(imagination), you need to keep a constant eye on the future and work toward the goal of creating the best possible nation.


Inspiration: You Are The President Of Your “Imagination”


You must be aware of the enormous responsibility that comes with this position, and you must do your best to live up to it. You, as the President of your nation, need to fully comprehend the authority that is rightfully yours.


Inspiration: You Are The President Of Your “Imagination”


You have a great deal of power, one of which is the ability to pick and/or think about options. You are the one who decides who is allowed to reside in your nation and who is not allowed to do so!


You have to form a mastermind team and then get to work optimizing its potential. This team will provide you with the tools to create an image that is beyond anyone’s wildest dreams and will leave others wondering how you’ve managed to achieve such an incredible degree of accomplishment.


As President, you will serve as an example for others to follow, which will encourage them to develop their extraordinary ideas. The world is in desperate need of a large number of people who are pleased with their own “imagination.”


Every one of us can conceive of such potent aspirations for our future, which have the potential to alter the course of events for millions of people.


Let’s think about a few people who had imaginations that were out of this world. Henry Ford envisioned a car with eight cylinders and then went on to make it a reality. The Wright Brothers conceived of the possibility that humans could fl and then went on to devise a method by which this could happen. We were able to fulfill John F. Kennedy’s prediction that there would be a man on the moon by the time he left office.


Ask yourself right now, “Where did they all start dreaming of such achievements first?” That question has a simple response, which is… They did all of theirdaydreamingsg in their own country, which they dubbed Imagination!

You must step back, take some time for yourself, and assess how you are leading the country. Are you pleased with what you have accomplished or with what you have imagined you are capable of achieving? If you give an honest response to that question, you will either be excited or disenchanted about the topic.


You really ought to take a step back and assess your country. I recommend that you engage in brainstorming, which means that you should make some time for yourself and simply jot down all of the ideas and aspirations that you have but have never even written down.


I also suggest that you write down one hundred of them, then put them away for two days so that you may give yourself some time to process the information.


When you go back and read them, your inner spirit will take you to the one that you need to concentrate on and begin to develop using your own “Imagination.”


Every one of us possesses the ability to cultivate riches for ourselves in every sphere of life, including the spiritual, the physical, and the monetary spheres.


If you accept this challenge right now and put your God-given imagination to use by imagining yourself to be anything you want to be, you will be empowered to lead your nation in the most effective ways that are imaginable.


You now have a responsibility as the President of a nation, and that obligation is your “Imagination.” The mere fact that you now hold this position will completely transform your life for the better.


Find your reason for flying, then take off!

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