24 Facts You Need to Know About Titanic

24 Facts You Need to Know About Titanic

24 Facts You Need to Know About Titanic

In these 24 Facts You Need to Know About Titanic you will get to learn a lot about the events that surround this historic edifice. It is based on the research and findings we have made at Asedeyhotblog and we believe it will be worth your read.

The Titanic is one of the most iconic ships in history, and there are many interesting facts about it that you may not know. Here are 24 Facts You Need to Know About Titanic that will give you a deeper understanding of this legendary vessel:

24 Facts You Need to Know About Titanic
24 Facts You Need to Know About Titanic
  1. The Titanic was built in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and was one of three
  2. On this fateful day in history, the world witnessed a tragedy of epic proportions. The RMS Titanic is touted as the unsinkable ship, It’s been 111 years since the sinking of the Royal Mail Steamer Titanic, which was once the largest moving object in the world.
  3. At her age, she was the biggest moving object around. In today’s world of constantly evolving technology, it can be difficult to fully grasp the sheer magnitude of the Titanic. However, during her era, this iconic vessel was a true marvel that captivated people all around the world. The launch event drew in a staggering crowd of over 100,000 individuals. This massive object tipped the scales at a staggering 46,000 tons.
  4. As unbelievable as it may sound, the Titanic, the iconic ship that met its tragic fate in 1912, required a whopping 825 tons of charcoal every single day to keep its engines running. Can you imagine the sheer amount of fuel needed to power such a massive vessel? It’s truly mind-boggling! Wow, that is absolutely massive!
  5. The vessel carried a total of 2,224 passengers and crew members on board.
  6. Back in 1910, a whopping $7 million was spent on constructing the Titanic. In today’s currency, we’re talking about a whopping $200 million.
  7. During the construction of the Titanic, a total of 246 injuries were recorded, with 28 of them being classified as “severe”. These included incidents such as limbs being severed by machines or individuals being crushed under falling pieces of steel. During the construction and fitting out of the ship, a total of six individuals tragically lost their lives. Additionally, two more fatalities occurred in the shipyard workshops and sheds.
  8. The construction of the ship spanned a period of more than two years. It’s fascinating to note that the construction of the ship took a whopping 26 months. During the construction of the massive hull, construction crews utilized a staggering 3 million iron and steel rivets to ensure its stability and durability. As the Titanic prepared for her maiden voyage, the final pieces of equipment to be installed were her three anchors – two on the sides and one in the center.
  9. Crafting the anchors proved to be quite a feat, particularly the central anchor which was the heaviest ever hand-forged, tipping the scales at a whopping 16 tons. Transporting the center anchor from the Noah Hingley & Sons Ltd forge shop in Netherton, near Dudley, United Kingdom to the Dudley railway station was no small feat. It required a team of twenty Clydesdale draught horses to haul the anchor by wagon the two-mile distance. In 1911, the goods were transported via rail to Fleetwood in Lancashire and subsequently loaded onto a ship bound for Belfast.
  10. On board the ship, a staggering 40,000 fresh eggs were present. To put it simply, the Titanic was carrying around 3,333 dozen of eggs, most of which were presumed to have been lost in the tragic sinking of the ship.
  11. The Titanic, the iconic ship that met a tragic fate on its maiden voyage, boasted an impressive feature – over 10,000 light bulbs!
  12. It’s hard to believe that it took more than seven decades to locate the wreckage of the Titanic after it tragically sank.
  13. The vessel tragically sank, carrying with it more than 1,500 individuals who were still among the living.
  14. The ship was well-stocked with an abundance of liquor and cigars for the passengers to enjoy. On board, the ship, a staggering 20,000 bottles of beer and 1,500 bottles of wine were carefully stocked and ready for consumption. Not only was there an abundance of alcohol, but a staggering 8,000 cigars were also present on the vessel.
  15. It’s hard to imagine the excitement and anticipation felt by the 13 couples on board the Titanic who were celebrating their honeymoon. Despite the luxurious accommodations and promising voyage, their dreams were tragically cut short by the ship’s fateful end.
  16. The tragic story of the Titanic is filled with heart-wrenching details, including the fact that the youngest passenger aboard the ill-fated ship was a mere 2 months old. Millvina Dean, the youngest passenger on board the ship, holds the distinction of being the longest-living survivor. In May 2009, at the impressive age of 97, she passed away.
  17. The Titanic has been the subject of three feature films. The cinematic world has seen not one, but three renditions of the infamous Titanic disaster. The first was Jean Negulesco’s “Titanic” in 1953, followed by Roy Baker’s “A Night to Remember” in 1958. However, it was James Cameron’s 1997 masterpiece “Titanic” that truly captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.
  18. On the fateful night of April 14, 1912, the Titanic collided with an iceberg at 11:40 pm (ship’s time) during her maiden voyage. It was a tragic turn of events that led to the ship sinking in the early hours of April 15, 1912, taking a total of 2 hours and 40 minutes to sink completely.
  19. According to eyewitness accounts, it appears that a minimum of 12 canines were present on board the vessel. Out of the group, only three were able to make it through.
  20. Did you know that out of the four iconic funnels on the Titanic, only three were functional? The fourth funnel was actually used for ventilation and served as a kitchen chimney. It’s fascinating to think about the different purposes each funnel served on this legendary ship.
  21. The frigid air temperature of approximately 4.1°C during the sinking of the Titanic proved to be fatal for several passengers, claiming their lives in just 15 minutes.
  22. According to the analysis of the rescuers, if the temperature drops to 50°F, there is a high likelihood that 50% of the victims will succumb to their injuries within a span of 50 minutes.
  23. According to reports, James Cameron, the renowned producer of the epic romance-disaster film “Titanic” 1997, spent a considerable amount of time with the ship itself, even more so than the passengers who were aboard the ill-fated vessel. Venturing into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, he captured over 100,000 stunning photographs of the ship.
  24. In a stunning feat of engineering and filmmaking, he returned to the site of one of history’s most tragic events and constructed a replica of the legendary Titanic ship at 90% of its original size. With this remarkable vessel, he captured the essence of the ship’s grandeur and tragedy on film, bringing the story of the Titanic to life once again. Recently, an auction was held for the sale of ship prop parts.

These are 24 Facts You Need to Know About Titanic and we believe these facts will go a long way to enlighten your mind.


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