Handling breakup

Love, they say, is a beautiful thing. But while in search of love, and life partners, a breakup is almost unavoidable.
Relationships are beautiful when there’s mutual understanding and agreement between the parties involved Some relationships may lead to marriage and others end halfway.


Breakups are the end of any romantic relationship, which may have been casual, official, long, or short-term relationships.


There are so many conditions that may have been ignored at the beginning, and this could be the main reason for parting ways with your partner, eventually.



1 Lack Of Communication:

communication is key to lasting relationships and lack of this could be disastrous.
Some partners fail to do this via calls, texting, video chats, and even in person. They overlook the importance of speaking with or hearing from their partners.
Also, relationships would not thrive if the flow of communication is one-sided.


2. Lack of Trust:

I strongly advise against going into a relationship with someone you do not trust.
A stable and thriving relationship should be built on trust and not doubt.
Relationships tend to go sour due to this factor. Trusting your partner means you believe that they would be honest, reliable, and have your best interest at heart. Any relationship without trust would eventually fall apart.








3. Incompatibility:

We tend to overlook this, but it’s a hidden fact that to be in a healthy relationship, the parties involved must be compatible. Intellectually, financially, sexually, and even health-wise.
This way, issues that could occur leading to a breakup can be avoided.


4. Cheating:

If you can’t stick to one partner, then you have no business being in an exclusive romantic relationship. It is a known fact that humans do not like to share their partners, especially if they’re in an exclusively romantic relationship.
Cheating could mean sex, flirting, or even developing feelings for someone outside your relationship.


5. Abuse:

This is a known cause of partners breaking up. It is in different forms, physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and even financial abuse. The weaker parties in relationships happen to be on the receiving end of any form of abuse. And it’s perfectly normal to walk out on any form of abusive relationship.


6. Distance:

Long distances are known barriers to relationships. Humans are unable to stay far apart from their romantic partners and this may lead to an end of a relationship


7. Attention:

This is an important part of any relationship. Showing that you care and you’ll go the extra mile for your partner is very important. A partner has to give optimum and undivided attention when in a relationship.


These are only a handful of issues that causes a relationship to go south and sour.
Most people are unable to recover after breakups, and this could lead to depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, and worst-case scenario could be suicide.



Heartbreaks from relationships are hard and unbearable, but here are ways you can go about your healing process, below are some;


1. Self Love: As humans, there’s much tendency for self-hate and an inability to forgive ourselves. Sometimes, we cannot help but blame ourselves for the mishap that led to the end of a relationship, even when it’s not our fault. Love yourself my darling, that is the only way you can heal totally from a breakup


2. Learn New Skills: This way, there’s no time to brood over spilled milk because you’re occupied learning something new, you could pick up a new skill, or a skill upgrade. Get a hobby too, it keeps the mind busy. This could involve crocheting, dancing, working out, and a whole lot more. Just find something that gives you joy and focus on it.


3 . Relocate: Moving on is tied to moving out. If you can afford to, move out of your former environment. A new environment means a fresh start, this way you are not bothered about things that may remind you of your past relationship. Also if you happen to have had obsessive Exes, it would help if you moved to a safer environment, where you’ll be out of harm’s way.


4. Make New Friends: Meet new people, socialize, and make acquaintances with people who share similar interests. This would fill up the void or emptiness you feel in your heart.
This is one proven way to move on from a breakup.


5 Therapy: This involves talking with trained personnel about your problems. This will help you relax and relieve you of any event, abuse, or trauma of your past relationship.
Take Your Therapy Sessions Seriously!


6 Avoid contact with your Ex: Contacting your former partners would not put you out of your misery. If possible, delete and block them on all social media platforms, especially if they were abusive. Do not call or text them.


7 Keep supportive folks Around Friends and families, even neighbors that will give you all the support you need, listening ears cannot be undermined. These folks may be vital in your healing process.


8 Go On Solo Trips: Travel, visit new places, and have solo retreats. This would help you readjust and recover. Solo trips are one of the proven ways to discover oneself after a breakup. Meditate, take long walks, and try out new cuisines on your solo trip. This is quite expensive but enhances the healing pro


9 Avoid New Romantic Relationships: Darling, you need all the time in the world to heal. Going into a new relationship immediately might only worsen your healing process. Like it or not, having sexual escapades does not end well. You’re probably not thinking straight and might make bad and hasty decisions that would result in disaster.


10 Do Not Dwell On The Past: Move on! Although it’s hard if you truly loved your ex.
but my darling, the relationship is over, get yourself together. If you can, delete pictures, and videos that may remind you of your Ex. Pick up the broken pieces and get your life on track.



Breakups are quite difficult to deal with, but it shouldn’t be the end of your life. There are so many reasons for breakups, ways to avoid them, and also ways to recover. Pick yourself up, dust yourself, and go on with your life.
Remember, it’s important to heal before getting into another relationship.

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