7 Causes Of Fire Damage

7 Causes Of Fire Damage

7 Causes Of Fire Damage


In this article we will elaborate the 7 Causes Of Fire Damage. Some fires are caused by general causes and can start anywhere, but others have causes that are more specific to certain rooms.


7 Causes Of Fire Damage
7 Causes Of Fire Damage

7 Causes Of Fire Damage…

General Causes


1. Electrical

Don’t think that electricity can’t cause a fire just because there is no flame. Plugs and sockets that get too hot or fuses that blow can start a fire.


2. Smoking

Most fires that start because of smoking happen because the cigarette is not put out all the way. Other common reasons are falling asleep with a cigarette in your mouth or using the wrong kind of ashtray.


3. Candles

Even a small candle flame can cause a lot of trouble. Many fires that start with candles are caused by drafts that cause flammable things to catch on fire or by candles that aren’t in the right holders and fall over.


Room by Room Causes


4. Kitchen

There are many things in the kitchen that can start fires. It is very dangerous to mix an open flame, grease, electricity, and water.

Grease fires happen often in the kitchen, and fry pans are usually to blame. This kind is dangerous because it can start a fire in the whole kitchen.

Dry cooking fires and oven fires are two more types of fires.

These kinds are easy to control and don’t usually cause damage. If kitchen appliances are not well taken care of, they can also start fires.


5. Bedrooms

Most bedroom fires are caused by people misusing electrical items. Extension cords that are too heavy or electric blankets and warmers that haven’t been tested in a lab can cause electrical fires.


In the winter, heaters can be dangerous if they are carelessly put near linens, clothes, and other things that can catch fire.


6. The garage, the basement, and the attic

These places are often used to store things like gasoline and other liquids that can catch fire. Also dangerous are old clothes, papers, and other things that can catch on fire.


There are also a lot of electrical fire risks in these areas. Worn cords, electrical boxes, and other signs of trouble with the electricity should be fixed right away.


7. Devices for heating and fireplaces

These are meant to make heat and can be dangerous if they are not well taken care of . If the fireplace is used without a screen, sparks will fly into the room and start a fire.

Other things that can start fires include flammable things like wallpaper, curtains, and clothing that are left too close to a heater.

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