Health Benefits of Walnuts

Health Benefits of Walnuts

Health Benefits of Walnuts
Health Benefits of Walnuts

The health benefits of Walnuts can’t be overemphasized as it serves good purposes in the wealth being of humans.

Walnuts is known to be a snack for originating from Persia and spread through Asia and Europe, it was taken by the missionaries to California. They are often eaten as snacks but can be added to cereals, soups, salads and pastas.

They are rich in Omega-3 and 6 fats and contain antioxidants than most other common nuts. Contributing to many health benefits, walnuts are rich in nutrients.

They contain a complex mixture of bioactive plant compounds and ranking second in a study of investigation concerning antioxidant contents.

Eating walnuts maybe one of the best thing one can do to improve ones health as it can improve brain health, reduction in the risk of cancer and heart disease.

NUTRITIONAL PROFILE; Just like every other fruit in the class of nuts has its nutritional profile, Walnuts isn’t an exemption. It comprises of the following; Calcuim, Magnesium, Fiber, Carbohydrate, Folate, Potassium, Protein, Sugar, Iron and fats.
Walnuts serves as the following;

– As Antioxidants; Walnuts have higher Antioxidants activity which are derived from vitamin E and other plant compounds called Polyphenols. Fighting the antioxidative damage of the body, they preventing the body from Low Density Lipoprotein which promotes atherosclerosis.

-As a Source of Omega-3 and 6; Omega-3 and 6 fat is an essential fat which is higher in walnuts than any other nuts and help reduce the risk of heart disease. It is known to reduce bad cholesterol and encourage good cholesterol also boost blood vessels.

– Decrease in Inflammation; Inflammation being a key culprit in many chronic diseases such as; heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, etc, due to oxidative stress can be decreased with the presence of magnesium, Omega-3 fats, amino acid arginine, ellagitannins, urolithins in walnuts as they are effective in the protection of inflammation.

-It Promotes a Healthy Guts: The food one eats can significantly influence the state of the microbiota. An unhealthy is guts can lead to inflammation and other diseases in the guts and the body at large. Walnuts are beneficial to the bacteria in the guts as well as promoting a healthy guys and reducing health disease.

– Supports Male Reproductive Health; Processed foods, grains and sugar has been an indicator in the reduction of sperm function. Research shows that walnuts promotes sperm by reducing oxidative damage in their membrane. The Regularity in the consumption of walnuts can help prevent a sperm morphology and abnormal sperm growth life but increasing it’s vitality and motility.

-As a Counteract For Cancer; Containing several components that may have anticancer properties, and proven to have the highest amount of oxidants in the nuts family, it can be used to slow the growth of Cancer which is a group of disease characterized by abnormal cell growth, Walnuts could be an effect part of cancer prevention as it consist of various compounds. The evenly consumption of walnuts lowers the risk of colon, prostrate, breast Cancer and kidney tissue.

-As a Cure to Fungal Infection; Black walnuts are used to ascertain the treatment of fungal infections. Research has it that the Anecdotal evidence proves that this infection creates alot of range of uncomfortable symptoms which includes itching, painful urination.

-As a Source of Strengthen Hair and nails; Due to the presence of fatty acids, vitamin E and biotin in walnuts, it helps in the strengthen of hair follicles, helping the hair and nails grow stronger, longer and shine brighter.

– As Treatment of Dandruff; Ethanol extract from Walnuts leaves are used for anti-inflammatory activities of which it’s used for moisturizing properties, stimulating natural hair and treating dandruff.

– Used for the Skin; The presence of Antioxidants and vitamin E in the walnuts helps the Skin to Iook healthier and younger from it’s oil. It can also be used as protection against dry skins.


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