Meditation: 10 Relaxation Techniques

Meditation: 10 Relaxation Techniques

Meditation: 10 Relaxation Techniques


Knowing a few good techniques to help relax your mind in meditation can save your life, because stress is more than just annoying. It can also be bad for your health.


Meditation: 10 Relaxation Techniques
Meditation: 10 Relaxation Techniques

Meditation and other self-disciplined activities can help you deal with stress, but what if you don’t have the time or drive to do them? You might need to try some of these easy ways to unwind.


Meditation: 10 Relaxation Techniques

1. Hug someone. When you give a hug, you get one back. As long as you’re being hugged by someone you don’t mind, this can be very relaxing.


2. Take a warm shower. It makes your muscles feel better and gives you a break from more stressful things. Some people find it even more relaxing to switch between a hot and cold shower.


3. Interrupt routines. Talk to the guy sleeping on the bench or eat lunch on the roof. Any activity that gets you out of your usual routine can help you feel less stressed.


4. Try to keep your mind in check. If you can figure out what’s making you stressed (like hunger, worry, or a phone call you need to make), you can fix it and feel better. If you do this mindfulness exercise often enough, it might become one of your favorite ways to relax.


5. Try laughing. You know from your own experience that this helps you to calm down, right? Go find a guy who knows all the best jokes or look around you for something funny.


6. Use music to calm down. Keep your favorite CD to help you relax at work, in the car, or wherever you’ll need it the most.


7. Get out of the room for a bit. This can help a lot, if things in the room or things that have to do with it, is making you feel stressed out. Why not go somewhere for a while?


8. Take a deep breath. Try taking five deep, nose-in breaths. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing only while you do this. It’s kind of like a mini-meditation and might be the best way to quickly calm down.


9.Take a sip of chamomile tea. It seems that drinking chamomile tea calms the nerves. Any hot tea that doesn’t have caffeine may help you relax.


10. Go for a walk. One of the best ways to relax is to go for a walk if you have at least ten minutes to spare. Find a nice place to walk while you’re at it.


It would be best if you could change yourself, so you’ll feel more relaxed. Maybe the thought of all the work this will take just makes you more stressed out.


If that’s the case, you might need to take things slowly, so why not try one or two of the simple ways to relax above?


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