Overcoming relationship challenges

10 Powerful Ways To  Overcoming Relationship Challenges 

An association or tie between two people is referred to as a relationship, which is frequently defined by interactions, shared experiences, and varied degrees of emotional, social, or romantic commitment. Relationships can exist between close friends, relatives, love partners, or even coworkers.   Relationships are seldom faultless or problem-free. It takes a lot of time,…

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New Song Release by John Bernard: Amanam 

New Song Release By John Bernard: Amanam

New Song Release By John Bernard: Amanam This is a banger New Song Release By John Bernard: Amanam.   John Bernard: Amanam Gospel Violinist John Bernard explores highlife music in this new single titled “Amanam” featuring Eddyleon John Bernard [DOWNLOAD] ‘Amanam’ – John Bernard Delivered in Ibibio Language [a language majorly spoken in Akwa-Ibom state…

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Historically facts about the moon

10 Historical Fun Facts About The Moon You Never knew

With its silver radiance and cyclical phases, the moon has long been an intriguing sight in the sky. Humans have always been interested in the moon and have done substantial research on it. Nevertheless, despite all the studies, there are still a lot of little-known historical facts concerning it. Ten of them are as follows:…

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Handling breakup


Love, they say, is a beautiful thing. But while in search of love, and life partners, a breakup is almost unavoidable. Relationships are beautiful when there’s mutual understanding and agreement between the parties involved Some relationships may lead to marriage and others end halfway.   Breakups are the end of any romantic relationship, which may…

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Social media marketing tips

10 Effective Business Tips For Social Media Marketing

With the use of social media marketing, businesses may market their goods, services, or information to a specific audience across several social media networks. The following are some essential ideas concerning social media advertising:   Targeting Options: A variety of targeting options are available on social media marketing sites to help you find the correct…

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