10 Successful Relationship Rules

Dating Tips for a Successful Relationship

Nobody sits us down and teaches us how to love. So we’re often thrown into the world of relationships with nothing but romance movies and pop culture to help us muddle through. Relationship rules are a set of rules that help make your relationship a strong and successful one. 


Starting a relationship can be so cool and fun, but what keeps this relationship going smoothly without hitches? That’s why you need relationship rules that will keep your relationships checked.


10 Essential Relationship Rules For A Successful Relationship 

Relationship rules for a healthy relationship

1 Never Go To Bed Angry


One of the most important relationship rules every relationship should have is never to sleep angry. Both of you cannot get angry at the same time. Almost everything can be thought through or talked through but only when there is a presence of a steady mind. 

Once emotions are mixed in, the mind is no longer impartial and any decisions made this way will be detrimental to the relationship.


Most times we allow our pride and ego to rob us of our relationships, but we have to let pride off because it’s no longer about each of us – it’s about our relationship and our family; the decisions take a far-reaching and stronger effect once we act on them.


2 Respect Each other


Relationships are formed by two different individuals which makes respect as a relationship rule important. In every relationship, you are connected individually to each other. So respect each other and don’t let it be disrespectful due to someone else’s opinion about the person with whom you are connected to.

There is always one boundary which you both have decided due to one and a fourth reason. Don’t try to break it. Because if you are breaking, it simply means that now you have lost that respect and faith which you had before.


3 Trust


Trust has to start with yourself. Your loyalty towards that relationship will make it lifelong. Any relationship that lacks trust will end up being unsuccessful. If you are looking at starting a relationship, making trust one of your relationship rules is paramount.


If you are fed up with that relationship then simply tell him/her that now it will not work out, instead of letting it be worse. This is better for both of you. So that Either you can find a solution or decide to be apart. It’s up to you both.


4 Complete honesty


Honesty is one of the most important components of any relationship, especially when looking forward to marriage. Without the trust that honesty builds, it’s impossible to ground the relationship and make it stable. You just don’t know who your partner is, what they honestly think, or whether things are going as well as you think they are. If you can’t take the truth, we can’t hang out.


5 Understanding 


This is a very crucial relationshiprule which other rules emanate from. When you understand someone, you understand what motivates him/her to do what he does. That understanding gives you an estimation of what they’ll do in a particular situation. Once you know what they can do, are capable of, can’t do, etc – that’s faith. By having faith in someone, you can rely on them. Without that, you can never rely upon it. I can’t expect my girlfriend to code for me. I can rely on her entirely to take care of my emails. (Just an example, I am not work-obsessed).


When that understanding develops, you learn their way of showing affection/care. Some people are just unique and their way of showing it isn’t through words. It’s through actions. But you need to understand that to acknowledge their love.


Only when you truly understand someone and what drives them – you can respect them. You can’t respect every other guy who you barely know. What is knowing someone – it’s just understanding them and their reasons.


Understanding is required and essential for a healthy relationship. Without understanding, there’ll be fights every day and it’ll break down sooner or later. Love (attraction) isn’t enough to keep a relationship for a long time. That attraction fades away in time for certainty. Only understanding can keep a relationship going healthily.


Take some time to acknowledge that I am a complex person, just like you. Empathy is important.


6 Love Yourself Genuinely 

Loving yourself is an important factor when starting a relationship. Relationships are not always rosy and comfortable, which enables you to keep your love e towards your partner, and trust me you can’t love your partner without first loving yourself. To keep your relationship smooth, you should love yourself first.


7 Effective Communication

Good and effective communication is an important part of all relationships and is an essential part of any healthy partnership. All relationships have ups and downs, but a healthy communication style can make it easier to deal with conflict and build a stronger and healthier partnership.


8 Appreciate Each Other

Showing appreciation towards your partner Is very necessary. Your appreciation towards your partner helps to deepen the connection between the two of you.


It’s ok to show love, but without appreciation, it can not last long. The truth is we all want to be appreciated.


9 Be Good At Forgiveness


Forgiveness is a core relationship rule you must be good at. Certainly, the relationship will not be all rosy without misunderstandings of any sort.


Mistakes certainly happen. If your partner hurts you and asks for forgiveness, forgive him/her and forget about it. It will encourage them to do the same when you make a mistake.


10 Love Your Partner And Don’t Flirt


Loving your partner should not have a condition. It should not be based on only materialistic things. 


Your partner deserves your love always, not only when he or she can get you a gift, and pay bills. Love your partner the same as yourself.




Relationships are sweet and more fun when things are done accordingly. Everyone makes mistakes and misunderstandings will certainly come in but when relationship rules are been put in place, it becomes easier and better.

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