Thomas Tuchel The best coach for Chelsea

Thomas Tuchel The best coach for Chelsea

“Thomas Tuchel The best coach for Chelsea in the past six months”, His expertise in organizing his players is a phenomenal fit.

Thomas Tuchel The best coach for Chelsea has used the defenders in such a way that nobody really comprehends his methods, he  is just a few months old in the team and he is already doing wonders with his players, so far he has games every Wednesdays and Saturdays, there’s no time on the training pitch, most often his players rarely recovers but he manages them in such a way that their efficiencies doesn’t depreciate. You may be wondering or trying to ask “How has he coached the team so instantly into a winning team?”.

Thomas Tuchel The best coach for Chelsea has proven himself to be an outstanding coach so far through his performance. If you said to me that Rudiger, Christensen and Azpilicueta in a back three – and Silva, who’s a brilliant player but an ageing player – would have 11 clean sheets, I’d say not a chance. It’s got to be down to the manager.

Tuchel was really meant to coach Chelsea because I’m just imagining where Chelsea would have stand now in the premier league table not to talk of champions league, if not for the outstanding performance of Thomas Tuchel The best coach for Chelsea of all time.

Comapring Thomas Tuchel to Lampard his predecessor, Lampard had a great record at Chelsea in the group stage.
You can only make into the finals of champions league, if u make it in the group stage.

In Thomas Tuchel voice he appreciates Lampard saying “He made us to arrive in the finals and I will never forget what he did for Chelsea

Below is a breakdown of Thomas Tuchel’s Record in the Big Games So far:

Chelsea 1-0 Tottenham
Chelsea 3-0 Atletico Madrid
Chelsea 0-0 Man United
Chelsea 1-0 Liverpool
Chelsea 2-1 Porto
Chelsea 1-0 Man City
Chelsea 3-1 Real Madrid
Chelsea 2-1 Man City

Goals Scored: 13 and Goals Conceded: 3

He is worthy of been praised and herald for his outstanding performance and Thomas Tuchel The best coach for Chelsea is even and understatement.

Do you think Chelsea will be able to beat Man City and carry the champions league trophy?

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